Christmas . . . what a blessed and joyous time of year.  It’s one of our favorite seasons.  This website is where we share our love of Christmas with you.

What will you find here? First a general theme toward an “olde-fashioned Christmas.”   Many of the stories come from creators of the 19th and early 20th century.  And the “history of Christmas” requires we go back thousands of years, as do many of the traditions.  All this is what gives our website the “olde-fashioned” flavor.

Second, much of this site centers on stories.  Plus you can easily and quickly get many more Christmas stories to enjoy.

  • Where it all began: there wouldn’t be Christmas if Our Lord Jesus Christ hadn’t been born.  He is truly what Christmas is all about.  Therefore you’ll also find stories about the birth of Christ.  This includes excerpts from the Bible along with other references to this glorious event.
  • Origin of Christmas customs and traditions: I don’t know about you, but I love to discover the origin of customs, traditions, and expressions.  This section is where I share what I’ve learned through my research.
  • History of Christmas: Ever wonder exactly how this religious holiday has evolved over the centuries?  I have researched it and written a relatively concise summary on the history of Christmas which I share with you on this website.

There’s one other point I want to clarify:  If you’re looking for a neutral, secular website about Christmas . . . “Yule Be Merry” is NOT what you’re looking for.  We don’t even try to tap dance around the fact that Christmas is a religious holiday.  This is not a “politically correct” website from that perspective.  Nonetheless you’ll also find stories about Santa Claus along with various bits of frivolity.

We hope you’ll enjoy all the features within our website that highlight the warm, giving spirit of the season . . . the magic of Christmas.  Finally, if something you find on our website brings a touch more cheer to you and your family, then we’ll be very happy.

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