A Natural Outdoor Christmas Decoration

by Melinda

These days there are many lawn decorations you can buy for the Christmas season. Some inflate. Some light up. Some are just bright and colorful.

But why not go a bit more natural this holiday season?

When planning decorations for your lawn – or for the planting next to the house – don’t forget your bird and squirrel friends.

Offer them holiday hospitality by hanging bright tarlatan bags filled with suet (see NOTES, below), nuts or other tasty bits from a tree or shrub.

Stitch up only one side of the bag, leaving the other side open for easy access. Or, if you buy the bags, make a long slit in one side.

If you don’t have a living tree, buy a small tree on a stand. Hang shiny cornucopia cups, birdseed, and chunks of suet.

The children will love to string necklaces of raisins, cranberries, and popcorn.

Hang the garlands on the tree as you would tinsel, and tie the cups of birdseed and suet on with red and green ribbons.

The nicest kind of bird-tree is just outside a window, where everyone can watch the birds come and go.

Go natural with your outdoor Christmas decorations this year. And feed the creatures of nature at the same time.

What unique and natural ideas do you have for outdoor Christmas decorations?

Please share them below in the comment box.


Tarlatan: A thin, plain-weave, open-mesh cotton fabric finished with stiffening agents and sometimes glazed.
(Find it a fabric store or possibly even an art store.)

Suet: The hard fatty tissue about the loins and kidneys of beef, sheep, etc., used in cooking or processed to yield tallow. (Ask for it in a wild bird pet store. Or search for “suet for wild birds” on the web.)

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