Why did I create the YuleBeMerry website a few years ago?  Because I want to spread more Christmas cheer

In 2010 I wanted to “improve” my spreading of Christmas cheer.  So I updated the site with a blog and several other enhancements.  Hope you like it. Now, back to my motivation for creating this website

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved Christmas.  That in and of itself isn’t unusual. 

Perhaps what is a tad unusual is that it’s all the wonderment leading up to Christmas which gives me the greatest joy.  Certainly I enjoy Christmas day . . . opening gifts . . . the special meal . . . and all the festivities with family! 

It’s just that what is truly exciting is preparing for the day.  It begins with the change of seasons.  I want snow and cold for my holiday season; and we don’t get enough of it.  For me winter weather sets the scene. 

Then comes the cleaning (okay, I don’t like cleaning but unfortunately it’s part of the deal), rearranging furniture for the tree, decorating, shopping, wrapping, secrets kept for Christmas day surprises, baking . . . it all adds ups to tingling anticipation. 

Yes, the anticipation and preparation bring me a lot of pleasure and fill me with Christmas spirit. 

In addition to what you find on the pages of the YuleBeMerry website, I’ve also created a “package” of Christmas spirit you can bring into your own home . . . 

Classic Christmas stories for hours of reading pleasure, recipes, games, crafts and more that are all from days gone by.  Treasures to help you celebrate an old-fashioned Christmas. 

Another way I spread Christmas cheer is by donating a portion of all proceeds from this site to charity.  These charities are in our local area and include a food bank and a school.  To boost our donations  a bit more, I’m an affiliate with Amazon[dot]com. So on the blog posts where I share my thoughts about Christmas books I’ve read or other items listed on Amazon . . . the links to Amazon are affiliate links. This means if you buy the book or product after clicking on my link I receive a little money (and I do mean a little; but it all adds up), that gets added to the pot – so to speak.  Thank you

This is a time of year to cherish.  A time to relax and enjoy.  A time for giving.  A time for an olde-fashioned home-spun celebration.      

Melinda - Your Christmas Friend

Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas from Melinda Grossman, creator of the YuleBeMerry website.  


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