All I want for Christmas is …

You might think I have kids in mind for the finish of the sentence: “All I want for Christmas is a …

And with the gift I have in mind many a child is certainly thrilled to get one. But this gift applies to us big kids too. Enjoy the humorous video sung by The Aquatones:

Yup. We Baby Boomers love trains too.

Setting up the electric train around the Christmas tree is a sign of the season. A sign often more predictable than the first snow. In any case, trains around trees are a firm tradition in many households. It is in ours. And fortunately this is a hobby that both my husband and I enjoy equally.

It’s quite simply a lot of fun! Do you have an electric train rumbling around your Christmas tree? There’s still time to get one rolling before the 25th!

Here’s another post on Christmas tradition of electric trains around the tree along with a video.

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