An Old-Fashioned Christmas Party

by Melinda

Want to host a genuine old-fashioned Christmas party?

Today’s post is an excerpt from the December 1903 issue of the Ladies’ Home Journal. It describes a delightful party for young children.

However, unless you live in a region guaranteed to have snow at Christmas … you’ll need to find alternate transportation for Santa Claus. Perhaps a horse drawn carriage instead of a sleigh.

I’ll leave that detail to your own creativity. Here’s the 1903 magazine article:

These invitations, written on sheets of white notepaper, at the top of which were painted sprays of holly, were received by a number of children a week before Christmas.

Mrs. and Mrs. James Ross
Invite you to spend
Christmas Eve
With their daughter
Santa Claus will call
For you at 6:00 p.m.
304 Main Street

Promptly at six o’clock on the day appointed a sleigh drawn by two horses with their harness strung with sleigh bells, and old Santa Claus resplendent in a suit of red and brown, and looking decidedly jolly, called, as arranged, for each invited guest, and while driving home from house to house entertained them with tales of the “North Pole,” his workshop and his reindeer.

This merry party drove to the residence of the hostess and found it decorated with holly and mistletoe. Each child was first asked to guess the number of berries on a large piece of mistletoe which hung from one of the chandeliers. The one guessing nearest the correct number received a stickpin bearing a tiny enameled spray of mistletoe.

Then came romping old-fashioned games, after which a Christmas carol was sung and the children marched in to supper. A star-shaped table had been arranged for the occasion. In its center was a rather small but handsomely decorated tree.

The refreshments consisted of turkey sandwiches, cocoa, lemon jelly with whipped cream, sponge cake, bonbons and nuts. The sponge cake was baked in small star-shaped pans, and ornamented with red-and-white icing.

When supper was over Santa Claus took from the tree a number of small stockings and gave one to each child. Each one contained bonbons and a small gift.

After two Christmas recitations by a “grown-up,” Santa Claus bade his host and hostess “Good night” and the merry children drove off with him.

Use your imagination. Create a special Christmas Eve for your children and their friends. Granted you may need a few variations for a party in the 21st century as compared to one at the beginning of the 20th … but the article is the basis for a fun time by all. Enjoy an old-fashioned Christmas party.

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