Christmas Craft – Apple Pyramid

by Melinda

For those of you who enjoy olde-fashioned traditions, decorations, and Christmas crafts . . . here’s an ideal craft that is a complete package that gives you all three.

The “apple pyramid” is a custom (or tradition) with roots in England.  It’s sometimes called the Hospitality Pyramid.  And it would be a lovely decoration for your holiday party, or adorning your Christmas dinner table.

It was popular as a Christmas centerpiece during the 18th and 19th centuries in England.  Yes, the apple pyramid has a long history.  And it’s especially fitting if you like to have “natural” looking decorations.

This Christmas craft that I’m sharing with you today – and the directions that follow – comes from “Crafts for an Old-Fashioned Christmas,” edited by Diana Wenk (1984, Nelson Doubleday, Inc.).

Supplies you will need:

– A Styrofoam cone about 10 inches tall

– Thirteen regular-size apples, and about ten small apples. Oh, and shine up the apples before you begin the project.

– About 5 feet of ordinary iron wire of 14 gauge

– Several sprays of evergreens


Directions (courtesy of the pocket book from Nelson Doubleday):

Drawing by Marta Cone in "Crafts for an Old-Fashioned Christmas" (1984,Nelson Doubleday, Inc.)

In the bottom row of the pyramid there are seven apples.  To attach the apples to the cone, cut seven pieces of wire, each about 4 inches long.  Impale an apple on one end of each wire and insert the other end in the cone.  Try to space the apples evenly, and remember that the spaces in between will be filled with evergreens.

The second row from the bottom will take six apples.  For the next three rows, use the smaller apples – five for the third row, four for the fourth, and one nice one for the very top of the cone.  As the cone becomes narrower, shorten your pieces of wire.

When all the apples are in place, insert short sprigs of evergreens into the Styrofoam cone to fill in the spaces between the apples.  You can use balsam, hemlock, or any kind of pine.

Place your apple pyramid on a tray.  Decorate around the pyramid with a circle of evergreens.

An extra benefit of the apple pyramid is the fragrance drifting from the apples and evergreens.  This is an easy natural Christmas craft that will last for more than a week.

Ready for more?  You’ll find more olde-fashioned Christmas crafts, recipes, fun & games and classic stories here.


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