Christmas Craft – Fingerprint Notepaper & Cards

by Melinda

Whether it’s something you do yourself, or you get young children to help … adding fingerprint images to notepaper and Christmas cards adds a personal touch.  Not only that, but it’s a craft that is reminiscent of an olde-fashioned Christmas.

This is a very simple and easy craft for Christmas.

The possibilities include:

– Turn plain notepaper into something festive. Then write a message and include it with your Christmas cards, or put it inside a gift package.

– Add a decoration to the inside of your Christmas card

– Add a decoration to the outside of your Christmas card envelope

You’ll need: A stamp pad (try different colors such as black, red, green, or blue); a felt pen with a fine tip; and notepaper or whatever it is you’re going to decorate.

It might be helpful to have a picture of the image you’ll be duplicating with your fingerprints.  And if you’re like me, you’ll want to practice on scratch paper before working on the final one.

Press your finger on the stamp pad and then on notepaper.  By using fingers and your thumb, and by rolling your finger, you can make a variety of shapes and sizes of prints.  Use the felt pen to add details so the image “pops” off the page.

Make a teddy bear, poinsettia, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, reindeer, snowman, or one of countless other holiday possibilities.  This is also something you can do anytime of year for a personalized birthday card, anniversary, or any event.

As I said, this is a very easy and simple craft that allows you to add plenty of your own creativity. And it adds a touch of an old-fashioned Christmas.   How else might you use these fingerprint images for Christmas decorations? What ideas do you have besides notepaper and Christmas cards?

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[NOTE: I must give credit for this idea to an old book I have, “Crafts For An Old-Fashioned Christmas“, edited by Diana Wenk with drawings – including the one in this post – by Marta Cone; 1984.]

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