Christmas is the childrens’ time

by Melinda

I do and I do not agree with the title. This is because I love Christmas perhaps now more than as a child.

Well, at least I love it in a different way than I did as a little girl.

In any event, if you have little children or grandchildren then do all you can to make Christmas special for them too. Create memories they’ll treasure all their life.

That’s the theme of this verse published in the Saturday Evening Post, December 25, 1897:

The Children’s Time

Christmas is the children’s time;

Make them happy then.

Make them gladly welcome it

When it comes again.

Christmas is the children’s time;

We of older years

See the light of Christmastide

Through a mist of tears.

Christmas is the children’s time;

‘Tis the birthday feast

Of the Child whose star once led

Wise men from the East.

And let us, at Christmastide,

Do our best to make

All the little ones be glad

For the Child’s dear sake.

What a lovely verse. Make the holiday special so the children look forward to Christmas year after year. And don’t let them forget that it is a celebration of the birthday of the Christ child.

For another reminder of the true meaning of Christmas, read The Christmas Story.

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