Christmas Mystery Story – The Christmas Train

by Melinda

If you like mysteries, suspense, and/or spy novels . . . then you’ve probably read novels by David Baldacci (The Camel Club; Hour Game; Last Man Standing; Absolute Power; etc.).

But Baldacci has also written a delightful Christmas mystery story.  It’s called, “The Christmas Train” (2002, Columbus Rose, Ltd.; and 2004, Pan Books).

One of the reasons I enjoyed this story so much is because it’s set on a passenger train.  And I love trains.  The main character of the story travels from Washington D.C. to California by train just before Christmas.

Along the way he encounters plenty of surprises and a few mysteries to solve.  But there’s no murder or grizzly violence in this story.  What it does have is a nice dose of dry humor throughout.

"The Christmas Train"

"The Christmas Train"

It’s a totally different type of story  from the fifteen or more other Baldacci novels I’ve read (he’s written more; I just haven’t read all of them).  Yet as you would expect it is very well told, engaging, and entertaining.

I’ve read it at least twice. 

Again, if you like trains, a good Christmas story, some mystery and intrigue, a bit of holiday magic . . . then I believe you’ll enjoy reading “The Christmas Train” by David Baldacci.

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