Christmas Puzzle – Santa’s Friends

by Melinda

Here’s a fun and simple crossword puzzle for your children or possibly grandchildren. Or work it yourself.

It’s a simple puzzle meant to add a bit fun to your day.  A way to have a few moments of relaxation.

Use the clues below to solved this Christmas puzzle all about Santa’s friends.

Christmas Crossword Puzzle - Santa's Friends


5. Rhymes with con: _____ner
6. Leap, skip, romp, frolic: ____er
8. Name of a cleanser (cleaning product)


1. London ____en of WWII
2. A female fox
3. Roman mythology God of love
4. Gene Kelly was a famous _____
5. Rhymes with flasher
7. He has a red glowing nose

Hope you enjoyed the Christmas crossword puzzle and successfully figured out the names of Santa’s friends whom he relies on year after year.

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