Christmas season through January 6

by Melinda

Since the Christmas season doesn’t end until January 6 — The Epiphany — I hope you haven’t taken down all your holiday decorations yet. The Epiphany is the day we celebrate the visitation by the 3 Wise Men to the baby Jesus in Bethlehem.

Not only that, but in Italy January 6 is when they receive their Christmas gifts. In fact, it’s often celebrated more than Christmas Day. Regardless of the gift giving that doesn’t seem quite right. Anyway . . . I’ll write more about this Italian Christmas tradition on the sixth of January.

Meanwhile you can take advantage of holiday sales to beef up your decoration inventory for next year. This includes indoor and outdoor décor such as lights … ornaments … Christmas tree toppers … ceramic and fabric Santa Claus or snowmen, reindeer, etc. … Christmas cards … craft supplies … fabric to make various table toppers … and on it goes.

And this is also an ideal time to look for storage containers specifically designed for Christmas decorations: wreath holders; ornament boxes; wrapping paper containers; holders for strings of lights; and other great plastic boxes for storing ceramics, fabric decorations, and anything else you have.

Being organized makes decorating easier and more enjoyable.

One more suggestion: As you buy something new take a HARD look at the decorations you already have. Is there anything you don’t use or have grown tired of? Minimize the storage space you need and the clutter we all tend to collect by throwing away a few things.

Try to keep your inventory in control. For example: If you buy two new items, then throw 2 or even 3 things away. Or give them away to charity (e.g., a thrift store, Goodwill, or the Salvation Army).

Enjoy the entire Christmas season. And next week I’ll write about the tradition of Befana on the Epiphany, January 6. Meanwhile, enjoy your New Year’s celebration and stay safe.

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