Christmas traditions & the Fourth of July

by Melinda

Spirit of '76

Christmas is special because we celebrate the birth of Christ.  It is a religious holiday.  Independence Day is special because we celebrate the birth of our nation – the United States of America. It’s an historical holiday tied to our country.

And because I’m an extremely patriotic American, I had to mention Independence DayThe Fourth of July even though this is a Christmas website.  Besides, there are some parallels between the two holidays…

Christmas and the holiday season is rich with traditions such as exchanging gifts, decorating a Christmas tree, singing carols, decorating the exterior of the house and shrubs with lights, holiday baking, decorating the interior of the house with a wide variety of seasonal items, Christmas plays and concerts, and so much more!

The Fourth of July doesn’t have as many traditions, nonetheless some of them include . . .

> proudly displaying Old Glory, the flag of the United States

> fireworks

> decking out in red-white-and-blue

> parades (I think the oldest running parade in the U.S. – without any interruptions or years missed – is in Bristol, Rhode Island)

> picnics with hot dogs, hamburgers, baked beans, corn on the cob, and homemade ice cream

> fairs, carnivals and baseball

> family reunions

> government events and political speeches

It also includes giving thanks to all veterans throughout our nation’s history who have answered the call to serve in the Armed Forces. Thanks for gaining us our freedom during the Revolutionary War.  Thanks for all veterans who have preserved it ever since – many of whom gave their lives.  God Bless you and the USA.

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