Christmas Verse Perfect for the Week Before Christmas

by Melinda

Here is a sweet Christmas verse that is definitely perfect for the week before Christmas.  And although it may refer to an earlier time of yesteryear, the sentiment holds true today.  Enjoy.

by Eleanor Alletta Chaffee

God bless all little boys who stand outside
Gay Yuletide windows, with a stubborn pride
Calculating how far present cash May go;
then suddenly resolved and rash,
Darting within to watch with restless eyes
The wrapping of the Annual Surprise.

God bless all little boys who toss and turn
The few nights left to Christmas, and who burn
With agonizing doubt. . . Would that be better
Chains them to alternation like a fetter.

God bless all little boys who do not know
That all in vain is indecisive woe.
Their gifts are richer to a mother’s heart
Than all the gold man’s dreams can set apart,
God bless them all together, in the Name
Of heaven’s Gift, and Him through Whom it came.

What is your favorite Christmas verse?

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