Collection of Short Stories for Christmas

by Melinda

Okay. Personally I love to read stories about Christmas. From mysteries, to the classics, to heart-warming recollections for past Christmases and what makes them special.

And that’s what I want to share with you today.

A book filled with “stories that celebrate the warmth, joy, and wonder of the holiday.” That’s a quote taken from the cover of the book and I can’t express it any better than that.

The book I’m recommending you get and read is, “A Cup of Comfort for Christmas,” edited by Colleen Sell. This is a terrific book you can read over and over, year after year.

Here’s a short excerpt from one of the stories, “A Joyful Noise” by Sarah Thomas Fazeli:

I was not thrilled about playing holiday music at some nursing home. At fifteen years old, there were ten thousand things I would rather be doing on my first day of Christmas break. None of them included dragging my trumpet and music stand to the Wesley Glen Home for the Elderly to entertain.  I had committed to do it as part of my required sophomore service project hours, and my mother insisted I go.

But I will never forget how a Christmas chore became a Christmas miracle when two strangers, one in the blush of life and one nearing the end, joined hands and hearts to make a joyful noise that still echoes in my soul. [End of excerpt.]

Here is how the editor describes it in the acknowledgments and the introduction to her book:

Create a book “… that allows ‘ordinary’ folks to share their extraordinary stories.

And to you, kind readers, for celebrating the magic of Christmas, and these magical Christmas stories, with us.”

“These gifts of the Christmas spirit – joy, compassion, peace, hope, love – can be found within the heartwarming stories you are about to read in A Cup of Comfort for Christmas. May these blessing grace you every day of the year, every year of your life.” – Colleen Sell

My husband and I like to read for a short while just before turning off the light to go to sleep. These short stories are perfect for relaxing and clearing your mind before bed time.

Last year I read one, and sometimes two, each night during December. It was a gratifying way to end the day. Plus these stories of Christmas memories made it easier to fall asleep and have pleasant dreams.

A Cup of Comfort for Christmas contains 52 short stories in over 300 pages. Some humorous, some a bit sad, some will make you ponder, and others will inspire you. But I believe you’ll be grateful you read every single Christmas short story. Get this book.

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