Decorate Your Home with Santa Claus

by Melinda

It was never planned.  And it was my husband who first zeroed in on the fact that I have a Santa collection.  I hadn’t thought about it; just knew I enjoyed Santa Claus.

Therefore each year during December and the first six days of January, our home is decorated with many versions of Santa Claus

Because Santa Claus is such a popular Christmas tradition it’s easy to find a wide variety of St. Nick’s to add to a collection . . . to decorate your home with.  By the way, you may enjoy reading about St. Nick and the tradition of Christmas stockings.

Last count I have 26.  They include ceramic figures, a holder for a tea light shaped like a Santa Claus, resin figures, painted wooden carvings, stuffed Santa’s (like stuffed animals), a candle, potholder, two rather expensive paper Mache Santa’s, and even a few mugs and a serving plate. 

I also have several types of Santa Claus tree ornaments but they’re not included in the official count. (Smile)

While I do have a version of Santa in just about every room of the house (nothing in the bathrooms, yet) . . . our favorite display of Santa is actually several grouped together.

Santa Claus "grouped display"

Last few years I’ve put over a dozen Santa’s on the top of our roll-top desk.  I include some angel-hair snow and a few candles shaped like trees.  It’s really neat to have several grouped together.   That’s what you see in the photo.

Like I said, I never set out to have a Santa collection.  My husband liked what I had and started adding one as a gift each year.  Now it’s become somewhat of an annual tradition – getting another Santa for the collection.  Sometimes he surprises me and sometimes we pick one out together.

It all adds up to a unique and ever-changing Christmas decoration for our home – the Santa Claus displays.  The main one on the roll-top desk, and the Santa Claus figures scattered throughout our home.  I love Christmas and all the traditions.

Do you have a Santa Claus collection that fills your home at Christmas?  How about snowmen or Christmas Teddy bears?  What’s your holiday collection?

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