Early Christmas Shopping

by Melinda

It’s never too soon to start shopping for Christmas.  A big benefit of getting it done before the heart of the holiday season is less stress. 

You have more time to enjoy the best of the season because you don’t have to fight the crowds to go shopping.  And there are certainly plenty of other wonderful activities competing for your attention during the holiday season.  Give yourself the chance to truly enjoy them.

Here are a five tips on being an efficient Christmas shopper:

1 – Hopefully you took advantage of the sales right after Christmas to jump start your gift shopping.  You save a lot of money by taking advantage of the great deals available at this time of year.

2 – You’ve just seen family and close friends over the holidays.  You’ve got the latest and greatest on what’s important in their lives today.  Use that fresh knowledge to make a list of what you can buy them based on hobbies, books they like to read, places they like to shop, etc.

3 – Another way to get your Christmas shopping done early is plan on purchasing two gifts for each person on your list at the time of their birthday. You can give them the first gift for their birthday and store the other item away until Christmas.

4 – Although it doesn’t apply solely to early shopping, you’ll save time by buying as much as you can online.  And doing this early means you don’t have to pay extra to expedite the shipping.  You’ll have no worries about receiving it on time. 

Need to ship gifts to people out of town?  Find someone else in the family you can send the package to.  That way you order it in March, have the retailer ship it to the other family member, and then remind your helper to wrap it for you in December. 

5 – Gift cards are always a safe gift to send.  They may not be as exciting as other things, but dress them up by camouflaging it in a big box with added weight.  Include a suggestion in the package of something special you know the recipient wants but is best for them to pick out themselves; maybe even cut out a picture of the item from a catalog.  That will add to the excitement.

Those are a few ideas to help you get your Christmas shopping done early and to be more efficient.  It’s easier on the pocket book (spread the expenses out over the year instead of jammed within 4-6 weeks); and eliminates a lot of holiday stress.

Just keep a list somewhere of what you’ve purchased and where you’ve hidden it.  More than once March, April or even July has rolled around and I find a gift I forgot to give last Christmas.  Oops.

And if you really enjoy shopping during the Christmas season . . . get the lion’s share done early and then use the holiday time to leisurely look for stocking stuffers and maybe one or two special items.   By the way, Christmas is only 9 months away!

Read this for more “early Christmas preparation tips.”


P.S. Reminder that during the “off” season I post about once a month.  See you again in April!

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