Games for the Kids on Christmas

by Melinda

The excitement of Christmas is building.  And often by the time Christmas Eve arrives, you need some ideas to help keep the little ones entertained before Santa Claus arrives.  Here are a few games to help you out.

Pin the Tail on the Reindeer

This is a twist on a game that’s been around for many years – pin the tail on the donkey.  Cut out a large reindeer from white (or possibly light tan) paper.  Glue is onto a bright blue background.  Add sparkle to the reindeer with glitter and paste several snowflakes around in the blue sky.

Make enough little “tails” for the number of kids you’ll have at your home on Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day.  Add a pin to the tail and proceed as always with this beloved game.

Santa’s Storehouse

Nothing is quite so wonderful for children as a treasure hunt.  Depending on the age differences of the children, you may need to put the toddlers in one room and the older kids in another room.  This gives the youngest ones a fair chance.

Tell the children that the room they’re in is Santa’s storehouse, and they must gather up all sorts of goodies for the trip on Christmas Eve.  Give each guest a mesh stocking, small basket, or even a bright colored bag.  Have them search the room and “finders keepers.”

You will have hidden (each wrapped in a bit of colorful paper), all sorts of tiny gifts and treats: erasers, mints, little metal toys, lollipops, fake money, gold coins made of chocolate … just about any small inexpensive object that’s easily wrapped in a twist of paper.  Places like the Dollar Store, the Party Store, and so on will have lots of possibilities.

Just have enough goodies hidden away so that everyone can find plenty.

These games are great to use up some pre-Christmas energy that the kids have on Christmas Eve.  And they’re also ideal for filling up the afternoon of Christmas Day.  Despite all the new stuff from their gifts that morning, they often need something to keep them entertained while the grown-ups sit around and talk.

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