How “random acts of kindness” can raise money for charity during the Christmas season

by Melinda

The Christmas spirit embodies many things. Foremost among these qualities or attributes is that it is far better to give than to receive.

I came across a great way to help charities and it won’t cost you a dime in cash. But it will take a few minutes of your time.

It’s called #GoodSpotting and here’s how it works:

When you see someone perform a “random act of kindness,” snap a photo of this kind soul in action. Post it to your favorite social network and you MUST also label the image with the #GoodSpotting hashtag.

If you forget the hashtag then you won’t be eligible to win a prize. You have a chance to win $500 for yourself and up to $5,000 for your favorite charity.

Upload your photos to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter but again, be certain to label the image with the “#GoodSpotting” hashtag.

What a lovely way to show your Christmas spirit and help charities raise money during the holiday season.

This program is sponsored by The Case Foundation who plans to give out a total of $25,000 in weekly prizes before the campaign ends on December 23rd.

What might you take a photo of?

Someone delivering clothes and other items to their local thrift shop, Goodwill, or Salvation Army.

Someone donating their time to read or sing at a nursing home.

Someone putting a bag of groceries in the collection box at your church for the area food pantry.

Even someone tall helping another person by reaching something on the top shelf in a grocery store for the one who couldn’t reach it.

Maybe there’s someone in your neighborhood who rakes leaves or shovels the walk for the elderly couple on the corner. Catch them in action with your camera.

Or perhaps you know of students or adults sending cards or care packages to service members overseas.

As of the 8th of December about 400 photos had been uploaded. And around 1,700 tweets had appeared with the #GoodSpotting label.

For more details you can read this article (on The Chronicle of Philanthropy website), which also has a 2-minute video about the Christmas holiday campaign at the end of the article.

Capture the Christmas spirit on camera as people perform self-less and random acts of kindness. How many people can you spot doing good over the next ten days? You could win $500 in spending cash and up to $5,000 for your favorite charity.

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