Kids and Christmas Crafts – Wrapping Gifts

by Melinda

Do you have young children (or maybe not so young)? Grandchildren? Do you enjoy special moments together and creating unique memories?

Here’s a craft idea that’s not difficult and has room for plenty of creativity: Wrapping Christmas packages.

Say what? Wrapping packages is a craft?

It can be. First the paper:

My favorites are wrapping paper such as solid red, green, white, silver, or even foil paper.
Plain brown paper
Newspaper, comics, or old sheet music

Wrap the box. Now for the creative part. Decorate the paper with just about anything you can imagine. Use the objects below to form trees, stars, angels or bells.

And of course many of the items are fine on their own.

Glue on artificial greenery (e.g., holly sprigs), or flowers
Use old Christmas cards. Many have gorgeous designs or pictures on the front. Cut these out and glue them on the package. Perhaps just one or make a collage.
Stencil on a design
Glue on an ornament such as a fabric Santa. Take a look in the craft stores where there are lots of wooden-shaped Christmas ornaments too. Add some ribbon to match and you’re all set.
Have an artist in the family? Draw on the paper – Santa, holly, a snowman, a Christmas tree, a star blazing with glitter, Christmas bells, etc. If you’re not too artistic trace the outline of cookie cutters. Then color the shapes with paint or glitter.
Spatter paint on the paper in bright colors. Load a toothbrush with paint and run your finger or thumb across it to spatter on paint.
Add almost anything. If your gift is for someone who sews, attach buttons. If they like to read cut out fun phrases from magazines and create a collage on the package. Use tassles, pom-poms, small bows, beads, etc.

Not only will you have fun with your family wrapping these unique Christmas packages. But think what a special and personalize gift you’ll have for someone when you used your craft skills, time and creativity to go beyond the everyday.

And kids get a kick out of making a package for Mom or Dad, or a Grandparent. The love they put into wrapping and creating the package is a gift in and of itself.

Kids of all ages will have fun this year creating one-of-a-kind Christmas package crafts. You may even start your own Christmas tradition.

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