Make your own Christmas cards for a memorable holiday craft

by Melinda

If there’s anything that brings out the creative urge in us, it’s Christmas. And one of the best things about Christmas are the special memories.

One way to satisfy the urge to create something AND to have a special memory is to make your own Christmas cards.

It’s also a marvelous way to keep alive a Christmas tradition dating back to 1843 – sending Christmas cards.

Oh, you may not have the time to make them for everyone on your list … but choose 6-10 people that are “top on your list” and make cards for them.

You’ll have a great time making the cards and those who receive them will enjoy a warm, special memory.

Besides, making your own cards makes your celebration even more old-fashioned. Yes, delightful and artistic cards can be made by anyone, even those folks who confess that they can’t draw a straight line.

One of the secrets is the material you choose. Ferns are easy to find and are the template for some of the easiest cards to make.

Ferns make perfect little Christmas trees. They can decorate cards in a variety of ways, and even be used to decorate place cards for a party.

Snip off the fronds from the left side of a fern, leaving the main stem intact to serve as a little lane at the base of the trees.

Glue to a folded parchment card, and stick little gold or silver stars at the tip of each frond.

One pressed fern tip is pretty used as a tree. Use it in its original green (Fig A); decorate it with sequins; or spray in white or gold and sprinkle it generously with sequins or glitter.

Or mount it on dark-colored velvet and decorate (Fig B).

Use a single fern, or several to make a row of Christmas trees (Fig C).

And again, although these directions specify using the right side of the fern, save the individual left-side fronds. You might use them on other cards, on place cards for a party, or in another Christmas craft.

Anyone will love receiving these cards from you. And gardeners and nature lovers will be especially touched by the time and love you put into making the Christmas cards.

This is a simple craft for Christmas. An easy way to make special memories for you, and for your friends and family who receive the Christmas cards from you. Sending Christmas cards is a rich tradition that’s over 160 years old. It deserves your personal touch.

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