Marine Sings Christmas Song for His Wife [VIDEO]

by Melinda

There’s nothing easy about being away from your family at Christmas time. Especially when it’s over 7,000 miles away in a war zone. This video shares the gift of song one deployed Marine wrote and sent to his wife.

Marine Corps Master Sergeant Robert Allen sent it to her last year on Christmas Eve when he was deployed to Iraq. But this year he’s away from his family again and deployed in Afghanistan.

Allen said this of his wife’s reaction when she watched the video, “She said she balled her eyes out when she heard it. My wife can’t stand it at all when I leave, but she understands what I do. She understands being a Marine is not just my job, it’s my passion.

Allen is a native of Pawnee, Oklahoma. He refers to the song he wrote for his wife Carla as, “A Marine’s Christmas Song.” Allen says it offers tribute to the burdens military members and their families endure when spending the holidays apart from each other.

Allen said,“…Even though we’re busy throughout the day, there are many times where we stop and think about home and how much we miss them, just miss the little things that we share with them or the stuff we’re missing out on.” He went on to say, “Having them in our arms to hold is one of the most important things that you miss while you’re out here.”

He said he hopes his Christmas song “will help people understand that though we’re willing to do it, it’s still heartbreaking.”

For a military that’s willing and ready to leave their families to serve their fellow Americans, it’s all those little things that are hardest to deal with when you leave home,” Allen said. Waiting for Allen back home are his wife Carla, sons Aaron and Aidan (17 and 15 respectively), and his 8-year-old daughter Lainie.

Thanks for your service Master Sergeant Allen. Thanks to ALL our veterans. And have a safe and Blessed Merry Christmas.

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[Quotes from Allen excerpted from a news article in the Gaston Gazette dated Dec 5, 2011]

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