Most popular Christmas toys for the last 100 years

by Melinda

Children have been receiving “treats” for Christmas for many centuries. In the long, long past it was often a piece of fruit.

That may not sound like much today, but it really was something special when you rarely got to taste an orange, an apple, or another type of fruit.

Over the centuries Christmas traditions have evolved. And for more than a century, children have been receiving something fun to play with … a toy of one kind or another.

I found this infographic which shows the most popular Christmas toys for the past 100 years. It begins in the early 20th Century (about 1910) with the Teddy Bear. This is a fascinating snapshot of history and how children and our culture have gone from warm and fuzzy to high tech.

What was your favorite Christmas toy growing up? For me it was Matchbox Cars. That’s right; I wasn’t into dolls but I still have my collection of cars. Some of us never grow up!

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