Olde-Time Christmas Stories

Illustrated classics for hours of wholesome pleasure

Yule Be Merry when you curl up near the fire with a cup of wassail or hot cider and enjoy the “Olde-Time Christmas” stories I’ve collected for you.

Read them yourself.  Share them with your children or grandchildren.  These home-spun stories are perfect for all ages!

I offer them here because very few of these stories are still in print.  They’re not easy to find.

Another reason I share these treasures I’ve found is because I love to read stories about Christmas.  Reading heart-warming tales enriches my Christmas spirit. It deepens my enjoyment of the season.

I hope you experience the same pleasures as you read these stories.

Who wrote these tales of days gone by?  Authors of the illustrated stories include Howells, Yoder, Garland, Dodge, O. Henry, Stringer, Lane, Henderson and others.

Want even more Christmas fun?

There’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll thoroughly delight at reading the stories I’ve gathered for you.

But why stop there?  Why not fill even more of your holiday season with several home-spun activities?

Here’s the other special treat for you: A collection of over 55 activities.

  • Test your knowledge of the true meaning of Christmas with these questions (and yes, I share the answers to this quiz), from the Bible and the Christmas story
  • Christmas family
  • Lots of crafts from days-gone-by just waiting for your creative talents to make them shine.  There are 21 crafts to be exact, and several are suitable for children. Marvelous activities for hours of fun from yesteryear to make your home look even more festive.
  • – There are 25 riddles where you solve the true title of the Christmas carol based on cryptic clues
  • – 5 lovely verses (poems) about Christmas
  • – Discover the fascinating legends and stories behind 7 famous Christmas traditions
  • Party games for children and also the grown-up kids.  Wholesome fun!
  • – Expand your knowledge with my long list – and I “checked it twice” – of holiday trivia and lesser known bits of intriguing stuff to share
  • – Find all the words hidden within the Christmas tree puzzle, plus other puzzles for simple pleasure
  • – Olde-time delectable recipes to fill your tummy with joy.
Christmas girl

All this – along with the 15 stories – is yours with the “premium option” shown below in the table.  That’s my special treat for you.

And if you only want the stories you can order them separately (however, the activities can ONLY be purchased with the stories in the premium option).

What about quality?

We all want some assurance of quality before we order a product.  Please let this website be your guide regarding the quality of what you order.

What do I mean?  I sincerely hope you like what you’ve found here on YuleBeMerry.  I hope you think the content I’ve shared with you is worth your time to read and of very good quality.

If you like what you see here, know that the stories and activities are more of the same.  The only difference is that I’ve formatted them into PDF files for instant download and enjoyment.  By the way, I’ve broken them up into smaller files instead of one HUGE file.  I know that many people don’t have high-speed Internet access so the smaller files will be easier and faster to download.

The table below summarizes the Christmas cheer I’m offering you.

You have a choice of ordering the 15 stories by themselves . . . or the special treat premium option that has the stories plus over 55 activities.   Both options come in PDF electronic file format for instant download.

Very Important: Read this
YES! I enjoy all things Christmas, especially home-spun stories and activities. I don’t want to miss out!

Olde-Time Christmas Basic (Stories Only) Premium (Stories plus Special Treats
15 Classic Christmas stories with illustrations from the 19th and early 20th centuries
Larger print for easier reading on standard 8/5 x 11 paper; all in PDF electronic file format for instant download
Hours of reading pleasure for a more relaxing, wholesome Christmas
Big Bonuses
Dozens of activities and projects packed into 40 pages to keep you entertained all season long!
12 delightful puzzles, quizzes, riddles and party games for kids of all ages.
5 classic Christmas poems; plus the stories behind 7 Christmas traditions or customs
Over 21 olde-time crafts for adults and kids. Pictures & directions. Add today’s amazing craft supplies along with your creativity for hours of fun.
11 recipes you haven’t seen for decades for “new” yummy holiday goodies.

Special Price
$12.75 $14.95
Pay Safely With Any Of The Options Below

Note: All Payments are in US Dollars. Product is in PDF format for instant download.

P.S. Do you enjoy recapturing moments from eras gone by? Then “Olde-Time Christmas” is perfect for you. Remember that many of these stories, crafts and recipes are “out of print.” And the puzzles and riddles have not been published before.Each wholesome story is less than 85¢. That’s about the price of a soda. And for just a couple more dollars you get the 15 stories PLUS 56 Christmas activities, verses, and recipes . . . all for less than 21¢ each. It’s hard to find anything of quality for 21¢ these days. Now that’s an olde-time holiday bargain!!

Finally, your “Olde-Time Christmas” comes with our Scrooge Guarantee.

Money Back Guarantee


Scrooge Guarantee:  Remember how Ebenezer Scrooge was completely transformed after his night with the three spirits of Christmas?  How he found the joy and love that’s the heart of Christmas?  Well, Scrooge would be very happy to receive this Olde-Time gift of Christmas cheer.

Therefore our guarantee is this . . . if after downloading and reading your cyber-space collection of Christmas cheer you disagree . . . if you’re unhappy and also believe the transformed Scrooge would be unhappy too . . . then you can get a refund.  In fact, you have 92 days from the date you placed your order to decide.

That’s our money-back Scrooge guarantee.  If you’re not satisfied with your collection of Olde-Time Christmas stories (or also the crafts and recipes if you purchase the Premium version), and you don’t think the new and improved Scrooge would be either, then we’ll refund your money.  Just let us know within 92 days of the date you placed your order.

Choose your option from the table above – Regular Option (stories only) or the Premium Option (stories plus the dozens of fun activities) – and order today.  Scroll up and click on one of the “Buy Now” buttons in the table.  Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the stories and activities BEFORE Christmas arrives.

Olde Time Christmas

Thank you.  And may you and your family have a Merry and Blessed Christmas!


Your Christmas Friend,

Melinda Grossman
YuleBeMerry “Head Elf”

P.S. I donate a sizable portion of the net revenues to charitable organizations I believe in.  They include food banks and education in my local area.

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