Quick and Easy Christmas Centerpiece Crafts

by Melinda

Whether it’s decorating your table for everyday living; or creating a Christmas centerpiece for a holiday party . . . you want to do something special. And if you also enjoy crafts and want to make the centerpiece yourself, then read on.

I have a variety of ideas for you today, but you may also want to read a post from a couple weeks ago: Simple Christmas Centerpieces You Can Easily Make. With all these ideas you may even find yourself making centerpieces for family and friends!

Here you go:

The Big Apple

No, this has nothing to do with New York City. This is simply a big bowl filled with deep ruby-red colored apples that have been polished until they shine. This centerpiece is a “natural” Christmas craft.

Fruits were a big part of Christmas in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. Fruits were used for decorating (including the tree), and as gifts.

For an even more festive look add any of these touches or combine a few:

Place the apples in a green glass bowl
Weave a green velvet ribbon in and around the apples
Place some sprigs of fresh holly among the apples along with some whole walnuts in the shell

Fun for a Children’s Party

For kids beyond the toddler stage you might consider using Tonka trucks. (Hey, girls like them too. I sure did!) Fill the dump trucks or front-end loader buckets with Christmas candy; red and green marbles; or another treat for the kids to enjoy.

Use Leggos to build a Christmas tree, an igloo (Eskimos at the North Pole), Santa’s workshop or anything else you can think of. Have fun!

What other toys could you borrow from your kids and use as a container for a centerpiece? Could they hold some artificial poinsettias? You don’t always have to use candy – even at a childrens’ Christmas party.

Odds and Ends

Other containers you might use: Baskets … copper or brass containers … pitcher … teapot … Christmas cookie jar … cocktail shakers.

Other simple centerpiece ideas: Santa in a sleigh on a blanket of fake snow; gingerbread house (use a kit or a ceramic one); pinecones in a basket with ribbon woven in; and on it goes.

Take a stroll through your craft store (e.g., Michaels or Hobby Lobby). There are so many objects and decorations already made that it makes it a LOT easier for those of us who are craft-challenged. From tiny to rather large. These adornments can add a lot to any centerpiece.

Remember: These Christmas centerpieces can adorn your dining table, a buffet table, a coffee table or other flat surface in your home. And again, these beautiful crafts might be there everyday during the holiday season or perhaps only for a special event.

Whatever Christmas craft centerpiece you choose, you’ll beam with pride as people compliment you on your creativity and festive home. Any ideas to share? What centerpieces have you made in the past? Please add a comment below.

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