Simple Christmas Centerpieces You Can Easily Make

by Melinda

My creative talents don’t align too well with crafts. I’m good at photography and storytelling … but again, I’m not really “craftsy.”

So if I say it’s simple and relatively easy to make these centerpieces, well … I mean it. And if you’re craft-challenged like me then give these a whirl.

Here are some festive centerpieces you can create for your holiday parties or Christmas dinner.

Sparkling Bowl

Select a glass bowl or a vase. But if you choose a vase, don’t make it too tall for a sit-down meal. Guests don’t enjoy peering around an obstacle to see the person on the other side of the table. So a vase would probably work best for a buffet.

Fill it with shiny ornaments that sparkle and reflect the lights. Mix and match colors. Or do all green, all red, all blue, or another favorite color. You can choose ornaments of one size or mix sizes.

It might be fun to have larger green ornaments with small red ones mixed in for contrast.

Red and White – Create that Candy Cane look

I have a couple options with this theme:

1) Use a vase (a vase is best for a buffet; it’s too tall for a dinner table with sit-down guests), and arrange red and white carnations in it. Then casually toss red and white candy on the table around the vase. You might use peppermints, or small candy canes, or ribbon candy.

2) Cut the stems off of the red and white carnations. Place them in a pretty bowl (clear glass or a colored bowl) floating in water. I like to have a mass of carnations so you don’t see any water as you look down on the bowl – just a mass of red and white carnations. You may even try adding some food coloring to the water if you use a clear glass bowl.

Next you can either hang candy canes off the side of the bowl. Or again scatter red and white candy on the table around the bowl.

Miniature Christmas Trees

I bet you’ve seen this one. Many craft stores have small artificial Christmas trees you can buy. Some may even come decorated. Or you can leave them plain or add decorations. For an old-fashioned look weave ribbon in the tree, which is what was done in years gone by. But be sure to wrap small presents to put around the tree. These can be empty boxes or party favors for your guests.

I’ll have more Christmas centerpiece craft ideas in an upcoming post. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, if you liked one of these ideas then practice now. That way you can whip it together in a snap on the day of your party.

You can even use the red and white carnation idea for other holidays. Just choose colors to match the event.

For more Christmas crafts for an old-fashioned Christmas I invite you to get the premium version of our Olde-Fashioned Christmas stories and crafts.

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