Story and Prayer for Christmas Eve

by Melinda

When I read this “Prayer” by John Farrar, I felt it was ideal for sharing with you on Christmas Eve.  It’s also like a peaceful and blessed Christmas story.

by John Farrar

Last night I crept across the snow,
Where only tracking rabbits go,
And then I waited quite alone
Until the Christmas radiance shone!

At midnight twenty angels came,
Each white and shining like a flame.
At midnight twenty angels sang,
The Stars swung out like bells and rang.

They lifted me across the hill,
They bore me in their arms until
A greater glory greeted them.
It was the town of Bethlehem.

And gently, then, they set me down,
All worshipping that holy town,
And gently, then, they bade me raise
My head to worship and to praise.

And gently, then, the Christ smiled down. Ah, there was glory in that town!
It was as if the world were free
And glistening with purity.

Arid in that vault of crystal blue,
It was as if the world were new,
And myriad angels, file on file,
Gloried in the Christ-Child’s smile.

It was so beautiful to see
Such glory, for a child like me,
So beautiful, it does not seem
It could have been a Christmas dream.

I do hope you enjoyed that.  A prayer, a dream, a story of someone from modern times being taken back to the birth of Jesus.  My best to you for a blessed and wonderful Christmas.

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