Themes for Christmas

by Melinda

Have you ever had a theme for your Christmas tree?  It can be fun to rotate among a few themes from year to year.  Or perhaps you have a larger home and have space for two trees:  The living room tree has a theme, and a smaller Christmas tree downstairs or on the landing of the second floor with a different theme.

What exactly do I mean?  Here’s an example . . .

To show support of our troops you could have a tree in nothing but red, white and blue.  The lights can be a mix of these 3 colors, or all one color. 

You could have all red glass ornaments, blue ribbons in the tree, a white angel topper and maybe even white candy canes.  Any combination of these patriotic colors will do.

Carry it a step farther and wrap everything in red paper with white ribbon and a blue bow.  All packages wrapped similar can be very striking under the tree.

Other theme ideas:

  • Have a Christmas tree decorated with teddy bears
  • Aviation, fishing, boating, or just about any hobby can be a theme.
  • Maybe all your ornaments are handmade.  That’s a theme.
  • Other color themes include all white. My Mom does this.  White lights, and all white or crystal ornaments of various shapes and designs.
  • Use nothing but ribbons and lights.
  • An olde-fashioned Christmas tree theme would be fruits, and nuts and candles. You may want to use artificial fruits so you don’t attract bugs. And there are artificial candle lights that are safer than real candles (and they won’t drip on your carpet either).
  • I suppose a tree decorated with nothing but Hallmark ornaments is also a theme.
  • Music is a theme.  There are many musical ornaments such as notes (e.g., eighth or sixteenth notes), the treble or bass clef signs, pianos, guitars, and other instruments as small ornaments.  You could even print staffs of music onto ribbons of quality paper and drape these through the branches of the tree as you would any ribbon.  Or make ribbon and bows out of cloth with a musical pattern on it.

Start planning now for a Christmas tree theme that means something special to you and your family. Look in the craft, party and fabric stores for supplies and ideas.  And of course, many towns have Christmas shops open year round to get what you need.

What Christmas tree decorating themes have you seen?  What do you like to do with your tree?

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